Growing Your Pub’s Local Services

We encourage communities, good licensees, pub owners, breweries and the private sector to work together. We match local priority community needs with additional services which could be provided by the local pub and a good licensee.

The types of initiatives that we work on are wide and varied – there are no limits to the ideas providing they are offering additional services for the benefit of the wider community.

Local Services

We have all seen the closure of post offices, shops and other services around the UK. Here is where a spare store room or outbuilding in a village pub can be revitalised and turned into a valuable community asset through restoring an essential village service.

Even without a major capital investment pubs can offer some space over a bar top or a fridge set aside for daily essentials like bread and milk.

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The Queen's Head, Saddington - Feature

Queen’s Head, Saddington, Leicestershire

The Queen’s Head is situated in the rural village of Saddington which is some 8/10 miles South East of Leicester. …

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Community Activities

We all know that pubs provide food, drink and entertainment but we also believe that the pub can be a place where you can read a book, find out about the local area, stay for the night or chat with friends over a coffee after the morning school run.

With an ‘open all hours’ accessibility the pub is often the only community space that can adapt to ever changing community demands.

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Old Inn, Mullion, Cornwall

The Old Inn is popular with both locals and holiday makers alike. The village of Mullion (population 4000) is not…

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Leisure Facilities

Many great pub operators just know when they have to step in and do the right thing for their community. They are well placed in the heart of their community to see a need and meet it. Our case studies show just some of the amazing ideas and schemes that pubs and communities come up with in creating bedrooms, camp sites and innovative arts and heritage projects driving the village economy for the whole community.

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Prince of Wales, Kenfig - Feature

Prince of Wales, Ton Kenfig, Bridgend

Describing himself as only the eleventh licensee since 1816, Gareth Maund and his wife Julie have run the Prince of…

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