Stoke Canon Inn, Stoke Canon, Devon

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The Stoke Canon is a small community run pub in the village of Stoke Canon about 6 miles from Exeter. Stoke Canon is a small village and civil parish of 660 people near the confluence of the rivers Exe and Culm on the main A396 between Exeter and Tiverton in Devon, and the district of East Devon.

The pub was saved from being closed and redeveloped when a local investor bought the pub in 2011 and leased it back to the community.

The Stoke Canon Inn committee has been operating the pub staffed by just one salaried bar co-ordinator and a team of stalwart village volunteers for six years. With a packed programme of events, theme nights, music and community meetings the pub is thriving thanks to the hard work of the volunteers.

The pub recently refurbished and installed some children’s play equipment in the pub’s garden for just £500 and lots of volunteered labour.

Project Summary:

The committee secretary, Maureen Mitchell made contact with Pub is The Hub and made the application for a projector and screen. Employed by the South West RSPB office Maureen had been running bird watching courses at the pub using equipment borrowed from her office but could see the enormous value of being able to provide the community with educational activity as well as entertainment. Plus the equipment could be used by other community groups meeting at the pub.

Now with the help of a very modest grant from Pub is The Hub’s Community Services Fund they have purchased their own projector and pull down screen. They are looking into planning more educational activities and film club nights. The group believe that the equipment will benefiting customers and the community alike, going some way to combating isolation and improving community spirit.

At the same time, the community group have been able to take advantage of the link with the BII and their free offer of membership for one year to support and develop their bar co-ordinator.

Lessons to learn:

Small budgets can very often have a great impact for community pubs like the Stoke Canon Inn where they take every opportunity given to them.

Project Costs
Total Project Costs £500
Contribution from Licensee £100
Community Services Fund Grant £400