Press Information

Pub is The Hub is a not-for-profit organisation inspired by HRH the Prince of Wales in 2001 which offers independent specialist advice on rural services diversification or community ownership of pubs, so they can provide viable local services at the heart of the community.

You can contact the PR Advisors Michelle Perrett on or on 07881 585185 and Jo Bruce on or on 07766 203628 and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Alternatively call the office direct on 01423 546165.

Please bear in mind that we only have a part-time network of supporters so response times may vary.

Please also note: Pub is The Hub has a capital ‘T’ on ‘The’ in its name.

Logos & Branding

Pub is The Hub logo

Pub is The Hub Wales logo

Pub is The Hub allows you to use our brand logos in your promotional articles.  Although written correspondence is not required to use our branding, we do respectfully request you submit a notification of its use including any links to material it has been used in.  We welcome you to use the branding provided below, but respectfully request you follow the guidelines provided.

  • You may use our branding on white, black or any other solid colour backgrounds as long as text legibility is not impacted on.
  • You may not add glow effects or borders to a logo’s text.
  • You may only use the branding displayed opposite, as approved by the Pub is The Hub marketing department.
  • You may not distort, stretch or squash logos in any way for any purpose.
  • You may not file any trademark application(s) that incorporate the Pub is The Hub logo within your company logo or business name.
  • You may not solely use the Pub is The Hub branding within an online or offline publication.
  • You must, with any digital work, provide a back link to localhost/pith in any instance where our branding is used.
  • You must not indicate any sponsorship or endorsement link from Pub is The Hub without prior written consent approving the contrary.