Raising awareness for life-threatening allergy

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Pub is The Hub has produced some posters in conjunction with the Anaphylaxis Campaign to raise awareness among pub owners and operators about severe allergic reactions and what to do if an emergency presents itself.

Long-time supporter and friend of Pub is The Hub, Dick Llewellyn, sadly passed away in July 2016 and his untimely death was due to an anaphylactic reaction to a wasp sting and came as a great shock to his family, friends and colleagues. The production and dissemination of the posters are a mark of recognition of Dick’s life and are laminated so that they can be displayed inside or outside of pubs for the community to read.

Dick Llewellyn had been Senior Partner and worked for over thirty-five years with Gosschalks commercial law firm based in Kingston Upon Hull and provided his wise counsel to the Pub is The Hub organisation for a number of years.

John Longden said: “We have supported pubs in raising funds for and awareness about community defibrillators and it seemed appropriate to emphasise that support with this essential life-saving information, albeit a simple poster. If any pub or community would like a copy of the laminated poster, please contact us at the office for one.

“It was typical of Dick’s family’s generosity that they bequeathed a sum to Pub is The Hub to mark his long association and this is our small acknowledgement and thanks for that wonderful support.”

Anyone who would like a laminated poster of the Anaphylaxis Campaign can call the Pub is The Hub office on 01423 546165 or email samhope@pubisthehub.org.uk . For further information from the Anaphylaxis Helpline contact 01252 542029 or click here for their website.