Crowd pleaser: bring live performances to locals and add something different to your pub’s entertainment offer this summer with INN CROWD

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As pubs and consumers continue to experience the big impacts of these extremely challenging economic times, at arts project INN CROWD, whose work Pub is The Hub helps to support, they are encouraging publicans to help local people continue to be able to afford seeing live theatre/performances and boost their pub’s business too by hosting INN CROWD shows.

 Thumbs up from publicans

 Hear more about the benefits of INN CROWD’s brilliant shows for pubs/bars and other licensed venues here: Hear from the Pubs – Inn Crowd

 INN CROWD (led by Applause Rural Touring, Creative Arts East and the National Centre for Writing), has been partnering with the UK’s top spoken word and live literature artists and performers since 2016 to provide venues, including rural pubs, with professional, live entertainment. But in 2023 our work has never felt so vital, to both publicans and people who enjoy live performance.

As INN CROWD’s work is supported by Arts Council England, INN     CROWD is able to offer publicans excellent live literature and   spoken word shows at a subsidised rate, which means they are r   really affordable for the pub and attendees, with the majority of   publicans offering free entry, as the shows help drive strong food   and drink  sales and attract new customers in, or charge customers a modest ticket price to cover the show cost.


Affordable entertainment for locals

As publican Simon Colquhoun of The Gaggle of Geese in Buckland Newton, Dorset, says: “When money is a bit tight, theatre and performance and something that is affordable is a nice thing for a pub to be able to offer. People are more willing to take a chance on going to a show as INN CROWD have made it more affordable for everyone.”

He adds: “Lots of people who have never visited us before come because they have seen we are doing a show. For any business new customers are invaluable.”

Ian Ballantine, publican of The Kings Head in Orford, Suffolk, hosts around three INN CROWD shows a year. He says: “The nearest places to us to go to the theatre are some distance, so having a show on at your local pub is a much easier place for local people to see something.”

Offers locals a unique experience

Ian adds: “To have the ability to have art performed in a small and intimate environment is so different to what most people have experienced, and it gives your customers a unique experience.”

The Dog Inn in Belthorn, Lancashire, has also been hosting INN CROWD shows for a few years. Yvonne Brown, secretary of this community-owned pub, says: “The shows widen the exposure of the pub and help attract different people to it. After they have visited for a show people often come back to visit the pub at another time.”

Indoor and al fresco shows available

With a range of shows suitable for both indoor or outdoor performances, publicans can consider adding an INN CROWD show to their entertainment offer whatever the season. Our shows also offer something for a range of different sized spaces and locations within a pub.

So, with an exciting programme of shows, featuring a wide range of talented artists, lined up for this summer, for publicans looking to introduce an entertainment offer or diversify their existing programme, then INN CROWD shows will certainly be just the ticket.

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