Keeping communities connected

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At the Stafford Arms in Bagnall in North Staffordshire, the Bagnall Parish Action Group has a designated computer and access to the internet in a unique project to keep the group connected.

Set up several years ago the Bagnall Parish Action Group comprises over fifty local people who help to raise money for projects that will improve their community wellbeing and village surroundings. They have organised village fetes, farmers markets, spring bulb planting, Christmas decorations, village signage and much more.

They tend to communicate by email and then meet on the first Wednesday of every month for a special luncheon put on by the pub. Pub is The Hub funded the cost of the computer for just under £700 from their Community Services Fund and for those members who cannot access the internet, the Stafford Arms computer is available at any time for their use.

Stafford Arms owner, Lisa Sutton-Murphy said: “We are really grateful to the support from Pub is The Hub for purchasing the computer for the group – it is a totally dedicated resource for them to use whenever they need to purchase anything online; check on price comparison websites; access key information from the local council or health services or just chat with other members of the group.

“This link, coupled with the monthly lunches means that they all pull together as a community to maintain their support network whilst also doing lots of great things for the village.”

The main photograph shows Pauline Hughes, a Bagnall resident who joined the Bagnall Parish Action Group  three years ago when she joined the area. She said: “When I first moved here I didn’t know anyone at all so it was suggested that I join the group and volunteer – I haven’t looked back! I now know so many people that it has been a lifeline. Added support like the computer is such a bonus for a rural community.”

Lunch Club in the dining room Stafford Arms_wifi sign exterior