Pubs highlighted as ‘incredible force for good’ by HRH in CAMRA’s ‘Good Beer Guide 2023

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The importance of the role of pubs and publicans in their local areas, and the work of Pub is The Hub in helping to support this, has been recognised by HRH King Charles in the foreword for the 50th edition of CAMRA’s ‘Good Beer Guide’.

In the foreword by HRH (written in August this year when he was Prince of Wales) he said: “Pubs are interwoven in the very fabric of British history, and they are still a much-loved and vital asset of local communities up and down the country.”

He added: “Over twenty years ago, I helped to establish Pub is The Hub which brings rural needs and licensees together to inspire local initiatives, so I do know that Pubs can be an incredible force for good.”

HRH also highlights in the foreword to this special edition of the guide, the important role pubs play in fundraising for charities and supporting local organisations.

He said: “I was not at all surprised, therefore, to hear that Pub Aid figures show they raise more than £100m a year for charity and offer support worth £40, to grassroots sports.”


HRH also mentions the important role that pubs, publicans and their staff played during the Covid-19 lockdowns and when pubs were allowed to reopen, and the huge challenges pubs and breweries are still facing after the pandemic.

John Longden, chief executive of Pub is The Hub, said: “We are proud to be mentioned in the foreword by HRH to the 50th edition of CAMRA’s ‘Good Beer Guide’ and are grateful for his inspiration and support of the social role a good pub and publican can play in their local area by everyone working together.”

CAMRA’s national chairman Nik Antona said: “I’d encourage everyone to use this year’s guide to visit the very best pubs across the UK and support them for generations to come.” 

The guide is available here: