The Farmers Arms, St Columb Minor, Cornwall

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The Farmers Arms is situated at the bottom end of St Columb Minor village about three miles from Newquay, Cornwall.

Publican Steve and Karen Simmons are well known to Pub is The Hub and the local community for all their work and commitment to the village.

Pub is The Hub has worked with the publicans on previous occasions helping them to open a micro library with Cornwall Council’s Library Services and supporting with the cost of a projector and screen, which is used during talks and IT training sessions.

Project summary

The publicans stepped in to help the local community run events and bring people together.

Two marquees were provided by Pub is The Hub to help The Farmers Arms to run community events. This means that now many of the village events such as the Christmas Tree night and local fair are run in the pub car park using the marquees.

Various organisations within the village, including the parish church, are now using these marquees to hold events. They have also been used to support local music events for the community.


Outcomes so far

  • The village has been able to host more events in all weathers to support people locally.
  • The local church and a wellbeing garden in the village have been able to bring people together at events by using the marquees.
  • The pub is increasingly becoming the hub of the village as it is helping other local organisations.
  • Using the marquees for events has meant that people have been able to socialise combatting social isolation and loneliness.


Lessons to learn

  • As a village pub you need to be involved with the local community.
  • The pub can help other organisations within the local village and contribute to local events.
  • Offering support to other community events helps to bring people together within the village.
  • Publicans need to respond to the needs of people living locally.

Pub is The Hub regional advisor Reg Clark said: “It is great that Steve and Karen have stepped in to help other organisations within the local village.

“The market will also provide a great opportunity for people to get together in a safe, outside environment.”