Sitwell Arms, Morton, Derbyshire

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The Sitwell Arms is a long established pub in the ex-mining village of Morton in Derbyshire with a population of circa 1200.  There was a distinct lack of facilities in Morton so Paul and Russ approached the Parish Council and villagers to gauge support for a stand-alone shop in the pub car park.  Planning was granted for the new building in November 2017.  Having contacted Pub is The Hub, Paul and Russ worked with Pub is The Hub advisor, Hugh Wilson to complete the project application.

Project Summary:

The result is a very attractive stand-alone building housing the shop and with easy access both from the pub and from the main road.  Internally the shop is fitted out with refrigerated counters, stand-along fridges and extensive shelving.  There is easy access from the car park and the shop now provides a vital new convenience store for this large village and it has been enthusiastically welcomed.  This again is a great example of good licensees recognising a need in their community and with local support and the help of a Community Services Grant have created a much needed facility for the village which complements the pub.

Opening times are from 5.30am to 7pm from Monday to Friday and at weekends from 6am to 7pm on Saturdays and 7am to 4pm on Sundays. The shop is staffed by Russell with additional help from Claire Kozlowski.

In addition to a full range of convenience items and the pub’s own-laid eggs, the shop is selling local fruit and vegetables, wine, beer, confectionery, dairy produce, bread, newspapers and freshly-made rolls and snacks.

Interestingly, in its second week of opening the value was immediately evident when the heavy snowfalls in March prevented many car journeys.  The shop was able to prove its immediate worth by providing many of the essentials asked for by their customers.

Outcomes So Far:

  1. The shop provides a vital new facility for this village.
  2. Imaginative use of a stand-alone building with easy access from the car    park
  3. New customers in the pub as a direct result of using the shop.
  4. One part-time job created.
  5. Less car use for villagers.
Contribution from Pub is The Hub Community Services Fund £3,000
Licensee contribution £3,600
Total cost  £6,600