Old Inn, Mullion, Cornwall

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The Old Inn is popular with both locals and holiday makers alike. The village of Mullion (population 4000) is not short on amenities; it has a Post Office and shops, hairdressers and a chemist, but the mobile library route was cut in the last round of savings to the Cornwall council budget. The licensee of the Old Inn made it known from the outset that she would be interested and able to house the library and so the 11th micro library in a pub was launched.


To house the micro-library for this area in a bar/room off of the main corridor of the pub.

With a small amount of funding from Pub is The Hub and Cornwall library service the shelves were built and the sign and computer were purchased. The library now has online access to their entire catalogue via an ordering service for any books that the library doesn’t hold.  Books are refreshed every couple of weeks.


  • Longer access to library services, in friendly, comfortable surroundings with refreshments.
  • Access to I.T. services and all on line Cornwall council services.
  • Access to Cornwall Council web sites (benefits and information etc.)
  • An ordering service for books not stocked on the shelves.


  • Small amounts of funding can make a huge difference.
  • Sharing information is a must.
  • Pubs can be hubs for many types of community services.
  • People have to care about their community.


Licensee                                                                                                                      £202

Pub is The Hub Community Services Fund                                                         £500

Cornwall Council                                                                                                       £500



The Digital Champion project funded by Cornwall Council and in partnership with Cornwall Rural Community Charity (CRCC) supports a range of organisations to share their IT skills with others.  Since the start of the project in June 2015, over 60 Digital Champions have been identified across Cornwall.

In partnership with Pub is The Hub, Cornwall Council and CRCC have identified Cornish pubs that have good Wifi and are able to offer the facilities for groups to do training sessions in the pubs.

The Old Inn at Mullion, one of the first pubs to trial the initiative, now offers courses for beginner IT workshops with funding from Seafarers UK.

Local residents can take the opportunity to improve their computer skills and gain the confidence to use the computer to enhance their everyday life, working on a range of devices – smartphones, tablets and laptops – and picking up simple tips for emailing, browsing and internet security.

Licensee Sara Liddle, said: “This idea is fantastic for many reasons: Firstly, it’s great that we can provide training for what are essential life skills these days in an environment that is local, warm and friendly. It doesn’t feel as daunting as going to a classroom to learn. Secondly, it’s a great way to use a space like a pub during the day or on quieter evenings, so it helps to level out trade for rural pubs like mine.”

Jay Chapman, Digital Outreach Officer for Cornwall Rural Community Charity said: “We want to run projects like this one in Cornish pubs so that we can bring IT support into the heart of local rural and coastal communities.”

Reg Clarke, the advisor for Pub is The Hub added: “When pubs increasingly have good wifi, this is a fantastic mutually beneficial initiative for the pub and its community. When Government information about benefits and other services go online by 2020, people will need these essential skills.”

“Projects like these reach older residents or hard-to-reach people, effectively taking the training to them in their own communities.”


For more information telephone 01423 546165 or email enquiries@pubisthehub.org.uk