Crown Inn, Goldsithney, Penzance, Cornwall

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Goldsithney is a village near Penzance in Cornwall and there are around 2000 people in the parish.  Also in the area are another pub, a shop/post office, two churches and many camp sites.  This area is popular for holiday makers during the summer months.  The Crown is a well-used local pub run by a friendly community minded tenanted couple, the owners of the pub being St Austell Brewery, which is the main local brewer in Cornwall.

Since the cut in budgets for most councils, library vans in Cornwall were being reduced from four to one, so to call on all areas as before was impossible.  The community of Goldsithney were asked if a micro library housed in the Crown would be a good idea.  The feedback was a definite ‘yes’ and, working with Cornwall Library Service, the Licensee and Pub is The Hub,  the project got underway with the help of the Community Services Fund.  Within seven weeks the micro library was up and running.


  • Longer access to a range of books
  • Access to I.T. services and training.
  • A warm, friendly environment with refreshments.
  • Access to printing services.
  • Through the use of the computer, access to all the Council web sites (benefits and information etc).

Lessons to Learn

Asking for feedback and support from the locals is a must, even if the Library Service want a micro library in the area. The feed -back from this local community revealed access to printing services was needed so this is the first micro library with a printer, and for a small fee copying and printing can be done.

Project Costs                                                                                                       £

Total Project Costs                                                                                     1300.00

Contribution from (eg local council)                                                      BOOKS

Contribution from (eg pub co)                                                                    NONE

Contribution from Licensee                                                                        300.00

CSF Grant                                                                                                       1000.00


For more information telephone 01423 546165 or email