TV’s Countryfile in Derbyshire

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It was a long day of filming in Derbyshire today when BBC TV’s Countryfile team turned up to speak to licensees and residents of two rural communities.

Presenter Tom Heap was investigating the plight of Britain’s village watering holes, having heard that around four are closing every week. He was asking how this can be the case when everyone seems to treasure them so deeply and tourists say they are the third most important reason for visiting this country?

Visiting Janet Gosling at the Sycamore Inn in Parwich they explore the case for pub diversification whilst up the road at Bamford they talk to a community who are looking into community ownership of their local pub; two issues very dear to the hearts of advisors and supporters at Pub is The Hub.

Our Chief Executive, John Longden was on hand to offer some wise words for the finished piece of film which would last just for 9 minutes. Arriving at 5pm for his ‘bit’, they finally called it a day and ten to midnight! Needless to say, John is not thinking of moving into TV presenting any time soon.

You can see the programme on Sunday 8th July on BBC 1 at the usual time of 7.00pm.

Tom wrote a blog about the programme here.