StartUp Britain to inspire pub regulars to become beermat entrepreneurs

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We’ve just teamed up with StartUp Britain to encourage pub regulars to think about setting up a business while they’re having a pint! The national start-up campaign is asking pub goers to write their business ideas on the back of a beer mat to be in with a chance to win a Dell laptop and some exclusive hints and tips from a top entrepreneur on how to make a go of their idea.

Business expert and StartUp Britain co-founder Emma Jones said: “Our research suggests that more than 50 per cent of people want to start a business, but only five per cent do anything about it.

“It’s never been easier to set up a business. All you need is the spark of idea, a laptop, access to broadband and a phone. The pub is the perfect place to network, knock around ideas and get good honest advice. All people need to hear is that they ‘can’ set up a business. If we can get that message across, we think it will only be a matter of time before they do.

“Business is a sociable thing! We want to see how many of those beer mat ideas we can turn into real businesses!”

Pub is The Hub Chief Executive John Longden said: “Business has always been done in the pub – and it always will be. Pubs are better placed than anywhere in the land to offer not only a great environment for their customers to come up with enterprising ideas – but as entrepreneurs themselves – good licensees will be able to inspire them as well.

“We’re always talking to licensees about how to develop their pub business to become the real hub of their community. Offering business advice and opportunity is a great way to take this forward to benefit everyone.”

Business mentor, entrepreneur and co-author of the Beermat Entrepreneur series of books, Mike Southon, said: “Some of the best ideas I’ve ever come up with have been while I was in a pub! A simple note on the back of a beer mat is all you need. You can look at it the following day, and you can conclude that you were either very drunk, or very brilliant!

“All good business ideas come from a tiny seed, a eureka moment! If more people took the time to quickly write their idea down, we’d see many more businesses springing up – and now perhaps – straight out of the pub!”

The nationwide competition, which recently launched its StartUp High Street initiative, is also looking for Britain’s Most Entrepreneurial Pub – the pub with the highest number of beermat business entries will pick up the title to win a laptop and some mentoring for itself.

The special beer mats will be available in just under 1,000 pubs across the UK, in rural pubs affiliated to Pub is The Hub – as well as in hostelries run by a range of pub companies like Robinson’s, Marston’s, SA Brains, St Austell, Enterprise Inns, Punch and Adnams. We’re really excited about the competition and so is The Sun too! Anyone can request a pack of beer mats for their pub by emailing.