Six options for Community Ownership

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Pub is The Hub has today announced the publication of a new information and advice pack about community ownership of pubs with a foreword from the new Pubs Minister, Kris Hopkins.

The pack was researched and created for communities to use at the point at which they realise the plight of their local pub and organise their first exploratory meetings. It helps to explain the options for ownership, lease or tenancy; it offers six different options for operating as a legal entity and it outlines the financial and legal considerations in each case. In addition, the pack contains examples for each model so that the enquiring community can make direct contact with them for more information.

John Longden, Chief Executive for Pub is The Hub explained: “Whilst we have been advising community groups over the last three years it has become apparent that they had become quite creative in the way that they were establishing themselves. All prospective pub-owning or operating communities can learn from them.

“We also felt that it was important to show groups that a good conversation with the existing owner about possible leasehold or tenancy options would avoid having to raise a very large amount of money to purchase the pub out at the outset; although sometimes this is the inevitable conclusion.

“Finally we always think it is best for groups to make contact with others that have done the same thing so that they can explain the short cuts, pitfalls or sheer hard work involved. We now hold a database of every community group that has made an enquiry through Pub is The Hub in order that we can follow their progress, hopefully through to completion and ask those who are successful to share their experiences.”

In his foreword, Kris Hopkins MP, Community Pubs Minister, Department for Communities and Local Government says: “This guide has been developed by Pub is The Hub to help local people to take ownership of their beloved pub and revitalise these important assets on behalf of the wider community. Pubs are just as important to the local economy as they are to the social scene and this Government is determined to do all it can to help them thrive and prosper.”

Pub is The Hub offers advice through its regional advisory network – an experienced and knowledgeable team – as well as now providing this pack and access to other successfully operated community-run or owned pubs. The pack can be downloaded here  or you can request a printed copy to be sent to you from the office by telephoning 01423 546165.