Regulatory enforcement – your views required

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A government review of regulatory enforcement for pubs by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) is currently underway, and is seeking evidence from those with direct experience.

The review is focusing on the enforcement of regulations that community pubs to identify ways in which the enforcement of regulations could be improved. The evidence gathering phase of this review runs until the end of August 2012.

They are very keen to give people who are involved in the running of pubs the opportunity to talk about their real life experience of enforcement. Some of the issues under consideration will be:

  • How the range of regulations affecting pubs is enforced
  • The clarity of regulatory requirements, and the availability of guidance and advice
  • How regulatory breaches and non-compliance are handled
  • The enforcement of rules around sale of food and alcohol on the premise
  • The enforcement of catering and food preparation requirements
  • The enforcement of health and safety requirements
  • The application of weights and measures
  • Change of use applications, in particular for community pubs

Contributions can be made via the Focus on Enforcement website, anonymously or on the record, or as a direct private e-mail to the Focus on Enforcement team through the website.