The Prince’s Countryside Fund allows Pub is The Hub’s move into the Scottish Borders

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The Prince’s Countryside Fund has announced a £25,000 grant for Pub is The Hub as part of a £650,000 investment initiative in rural initiatives for 2015.

The funding will create a new pilot project for 12 months in the Scottish Borders to identify priority areas and rural service needs with the aim to work with at least eight rural pubs. Then, with consensus, experience and acceptance from all parties involved, Pub is The Hub will establish an information hub for the whole of Scotland, inviting participation and support from interested regions.

John Longden, Chief Executive for Pub is The Hub said: “We are thrilled to receive this grant from The Prince’s Countryside Fund as it gives us the opportunity to start some diversification initiatives in Scotland working with the Scottish Borders Council to enhance essential community services.”

“This will be a unique approach for rural services provision in Scotland, which has had a very sensitive and independent rural history and the project will also benefit from our wider general experience gained throughout the rest of the country over the past 13 years. The programme is closely relevant to the PCF’s objectives in targeting areas of greatest priority for rural services. We seek to tackle isolation and loneliness and halt the decline of communities, jointly brought about by lack of services, local jobs and facilities.”

Founded by HRH The Prince of Wales to help secure a brighter future for British farmers and the countryside, The Prince’s Countryside Fund will celebrate its 5th anniversary in 2015. In the five years since its inception, The Fund has invested over £5 million in rural Britain and this year’s grants aim to find the farmers of the future, improve rural livelihoods and create thriving rural communities.

Helen Aldis, Manager of The Prince’s Countryside Fund, explains; “As we look forward to celebrating the 5th anniversary of The Prince’s Countryside Fund in 2015, it’s incredibly encouraging to see the positive, long term impact of the funding on the projects and communities we have supported to date. £5 million has been distributed to 120 projects across the country, directly benefitting 100,000 people.”

“The countryside faces unprecedented challenges across a wide range of complex issues. But it is our hope, that by investing in these inspiring projects and programmes performing vital and often overlooked work in the countryside, that rural Britain will face a brighter and more prosperous future.”