Greene King maintains the funding momentum

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Greene King has made a donation of £15,000 to Pub is The Hub’s Community Services Fund to help to support rural pubs who want to diversify their services for the benefit of their communities. This is the fourth consecutive year Greene King has given to the fund.

The Community Services Fund, which has been available since April 2013, aims to offer funds to licensees who are looking to broaden their services to the wider community but are unable to find suitable funding from other sources. With grants of up to £3,000 available, applicants must demonstrate that they will be offering a new service or replacing a service or activity that has already been lost to the local community, such as a local shop or a library.

John Longden, Chief Executive of Pub is The Hub said: “We are enormously grateful that Greene King continues to recognise and endorse the work we have done to date with the Community Services Fund. We do not receive any long term funding so annual commitments like this are warmly welcomed as they enable us to continue our support to licensees and their communities.

“Any donations to the fund go straight back to the hard-working licensees who are inspirational in broadening their range of services and activities for the benefit of their communities.”

Rooney Anand, Greene King’s chief executive said: “Pubs are frequently the heartbeat of the community and often provide more than just a pint for their locals. The Community Services Fund offers important support to pubs enabling them to give their communities additional services. This can make a huge difference in rural areas where other traditional services, such as a post office or butchers, are no longer available.

“We are proud to have supported Pub is The Hub for the fourth year running and bringing our total to £60,000 so far, it has been heartening to see how the money has been used for the benefit of visitors to the pub.”

The photograph above shows Rooney Anand with John Longden