Government agrees to closer collaboration with Pub is The Hub and the hospitality sector

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The Government has recognised the role of pubs and publicans in helping local communities and has said it will collaborate with Pub is The Hub.

In its Hospitality Strategy, which was published by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy earlier this month, it recognised that pubs play a “vital role” at the heart of communities “giving a welcome space for people to come together.”

“Even before the pandemic, many community pubs were becoming hosts for a range of important public services, including serving as post offices and general stores and providing broadband internet access. Pub is the Hub 2020, ‘The Social Value of Pubs and Publicans providing Services in their Communities’,” the report said.

It acknowledged the “crucial role” that pubs have in promoting mental health and wellbeing. It also highlighted the Pub is The Hub Join Inn  – Last Orders for Loneliness campaign ( which looks to support publicans and their communities to become better connected.

“We need to recognise the role of hospitality businesses, and particularly pubs, as vital to community life because communities that work together and play together are stronger, happier and healthier,” it said.

“Also, by staying connected to their communities, hospitality businesses will remain relevant to their communities, instilling customer loyalty and helping them to remain sustainable and resilient businesses.”

The Government said it would work with the sector to champion hospitality’s role in community wellbeing.

It said this would include collaborating with organisations like Pub is The Hub to strengthen the social value of the hospitality sector and help combat loneliness.

It highlighted the case of the Snow Goose pub in Farnborough that has played a key role in tackling loneliness by hosting a range of events such as knitting clubs and a complimentary seniors Christmas lunch.

Image:  Publican Kate Hayden runs the lease of Star Pubs & Bars pub The Snow Goose in Farnborough.