Union Inn, Denbury, Devon

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Tom and Axelle Haywood, the licensees at the Union Inn, have run the pub for seven years, and have become very much a part of the local community in Denbury.

When the local shopkeeper/postmaster made the village aware of his impending retirement, Tom and Axelle said they were happy to offer these two services from the pub. The local community were supportive of the idea, with the nearest shop being two and a half miles away from Denbury.

Tom got in touch with Pub Is The Hub and within six months a small local community shop opened in the bar of the pub. There were difficulties in re-siting the Post Office into the pub, unfortunately, but an outreach postal service now covers the village.

Project Summary:

To set up a small local shop in the bar of the pub stocking items suggested by the community.

Outcomes so far:

The shop is convenient for the locals and has reduced unnecessary travelling. The Union Inn is providing both an essential service in the village and a hub for the community.

Lessons to Learn:

With a relatively small amount of money and a lot of commitment from all concerned, an essential service can be kept in a small rural community.


Project Costs£
Total Project Costs 1111.40
Contribution from Licensee 150.00
CSF Grant (if applicable) 961.40


For more information telephone 01423 546165 or email enquiries@pubisthehub.org.uk