Queen’s Head, Hawkedon, Suffolk

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The Queen’s Head is a delightful rural pub, built circa 1450, which still has many original features which include a massive inglenook fireplace. Hawkedon is an isolated, scattered village in pleasant Suffolk rural countryside, some nine miles from Bury St Edmunds. Very few local amenities exist in any of the surrounding villages. The pub is a free house and is a very successful food led pub operation. The owner has a successful business background and this is evident in the professional way in which the Queens Head is run.

The project is unusual in that a butchery business has been created, based at the pub. When the present owner purchased the pub, it already had a shop which was closed. The shop adjoins the pub and has been adapted for retail use. The new business utilises the owner’s numerous local contacts in the butchery industry and with local suppliers of meat and game. The new building and staff have satisfied all the necessary EHO and Licensing requirements. New equipment has been purchased, which includes a large built-in fridge for meat and game, free-standing freezers, counters etc. Additionally, a large free-standing freezer has been installed in the private pub yard which is for commercial customers.

The pub owner, Scott Chapman runs the butchery business under the name of Monty Duke – local fine meats and game from field to fork. The shop supplies locally sourced beef, pork, lamb, poultry, venison and game, and will soon sell home cured bacon and ham, sausages, pates etc plus a choice of items from River Farm Smokery. There has been strong community interest and the business is supporting local farmers and suppliers together with the rural economy.
Although the shop has only just opened, early indications are very promising.

Total project capital costs (£30,000.00)
Applicant contribution (£25,000.00)
Suffolk County Council grant contribution (£5,000.00)

For more information telephone 01423 546165 or email enquiries@pubisthehub.org.uk