Prussian Queen, Saltfleetby, Lincolnshire

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Christopher Appleby, is an experienced pub owner, born and bred in Saltfleetby, who has owned the Prussian Queen pub for over 18 years and runs a successful community oriented business with pub teams, pub meals, fund raising events etc, which is already, in a way, the hub of the village in this remote part of Lincolnshire. The new shop replaced the previous village shop, which closed in December 2006, and provides grocery supplies to villagers, saving them a 6-8 mile round trip to the nearest town. The applicant sources goods including bread, milk, fruit, vegetables and dairy products together with papers and magazines from local suppliers, and the shop strengthens the role of the pub as the central meeting place in the village. The project has the wide-ranging support of the local community, Parish Council and District Council.

This project has provided a small village shop within the pub by adapting an existing bar area to create a walk in shop with shelving, refrigerators etc. The counter for the shop adjoins the main bar servery, which integrates with the shop to become part of the normal daily running of the pub, and means that all customers have to come into the pub to shop. Many letters of support were provided by the local community to show commitment towards the project, which is essential to it being a success. The project has created valuable part-time employment for local people, as extra staff are needed to serve in the shop., The shop facility has helped to strengthen both the community service role and business viability of the pub.

The project has met a need identified by local people and contributes to the quality of life for people living in the village and surrounding rural settlements, by providing a local shop that will meet their basic grocery needs. The shop area has integrated well into the pub business and this valuable service has helped to strengthen the central community role of the pub. The project has created a local employment opportunities, with two part-time jobs being created.

Total project capital costs (£18,988.93)
Applicant contribution (£8,998.93)
East Midlands Development Agency grant contribution (£10,000.00)

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