Star Inn, Porkellis, Cornwall

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The Star Inn is in the small village of Porkellis, about 2 miles off the main A394 Helston road. With around 250 residents living in the village, there is a small church and village hall and a school and a campsite nearby.

The pub had been closed for some time and had lacked the TLC it deserved, so when the new owners bought the freehold and moved in, the scale of the task was more than first thought!  To restore The Star to a high quality venue for its customers and community was going to take a lot of work and funds.

Andrew and Anthony have now achieved this but wanted to take things further, offering to house a small community shop and micro library in the pub . Cornwall Library Services were happy to supply the books and a grant from the Pub Is The Hub Community Services Fund enabled this community project to go ahead.

Project Summary

To create a small community shop selling local and essential products, as suggested by a feedback and support survey from the community.  Also to house a micro library at one end of the main bar opposite the shop.


The community and surrounding area now have access to essential everyday items without the need to travel . Major benefits are greater community spirit, addressing isolation and health and wellbeing issues, and reducing food miles. The library offers not only a range of books but access to all Library Services and Council Services alike, plus internet and computer use with I.T. Training for the community if requested.

Lessons to Learn

The Star Inn is now back where it belongs at the heart of the village!  Thanks to a small amount of funding, the community, Cornwall Library Services, Pub Is The Hub and the owners/ licensees all worked towards one goal – providing help where it was needed.

Total Project Costs (Shop and Library):     £7,000

Contribution from Licensee:                                     £3,500

Contribution from CSF:                                             £3,500


For more information telephone 01423 546165 or email