Blue Anchor, Fraddon, Cornwall

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The Blue Anchor is in the small village of Fraddon, Cornwall, about 7 miles from Newquay. Not far from the pub is the Kingsley Village shopping complex, close to the main A30 highway. The population of Fraddon is approximately 1500.

For licensees Pam and Steve, keeping things local is a priority, and their Farmers’ Market project, which Pub Is the Hub was pleased to support with a grant from its Community Services Fund, does just that.

Project Summary:

To create a regular monthly local suppliers’/farmers’ market in the pub car park, offering all local produce and all things Cornish for sale to holiday makers and village residents alike

Outcomes so far:

More access to local suppliers and traders.

The project is attracting visitors in the area to the pub.

Boosting foot fall and interest in the pub itself.

Raising community spirit.

Combating isolation in young and old alike.

Helping to keep the pub the hub of the village.


Lessons to Learn:

Not charging for the stall pitch helps to give a full market on the day.

The market is busier if it is timed for when the pub is open and staffed and ready to trade all products.

There is more take up on food and drinks (hot and cold) if there are market day specials.

Try to fill pitches at least three months in advance.

Be flexible!


Project Costs £
Total Project Costs £499.90
Contribution from Licensee £250.00
PCF/CSF Grant £249.90


For more information telephone 01423 546165 or email